DS700 Immobiliser
29 December 2022

Tytan® DS700 is an immobiliser with optional anti-hijack function. The device is equipped with Bluetooth module and can work with GPS/GSM localization devices.

More details can be found HERE.

Guardial F and W type sirens
29 December 2022

New sirens avaialble. F type 12V and W type 24 V piezo sirens are now avaialble. Mini piezo sirens, waterproof and shock-resistant housing combined with slim shape and small dimensions significantly facilitates installation in the engine compartment. They  a function of silent reproduction of short impulses, e.g. on/off. Built-in thermal protection prevents damage when temperature of the device reaches threshold values. When temperature exceeds the limit, siren will decrease in volume, when the next threshold is exceeded, it will go silent. Once temperature has decreased siren returns to normal operation.


Description and technical specification can be downlowded HERE and declaration of conformity HERE.



Merry Christmas
21 December 2018

30 May 2018

Have no fear of sabotage to your tracker circuit. Internal LiPo battery allows Tytan®SAT device to operate in emergency conditions when vehicle battery is disconnected. The device still remains online and sends data to the server.

CeBIT 2017 briefly
27 April 2017

Thank you for visiting our booth at #CeBIT #TytanAlarms #Tytan #TytanGPS #TytanSAT

Ready for CeBIT
17 March 2017

Departure from #DigitalSystems to #CeBIT #CeBIT2017

Waiting for you in Hannover
27 February 2017

Now the preparations for CeBIT are in full swing!

CeBIT 2017, Hannover, Germany
15 February 2017

Visit #DigitalSystems at #CeBIT2017 #CeBIT Hall 12, Booth A32 to see #TytanSAT #DS520 #DS540 #TrackingDevice and #TytanGPS #DS512 #VehicleSecurity.

DS512 update, firmware 0416, programmer 2.12
12 January 2017

#TytanDS512 #DS512 update, programmer 2.12, fw 0416, new features, cars and improvements in operation #TytanAlarms

12 January 2017

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