Tytan®SAT DS520
28 June 2016

Monitor your vehicles. Get familiar with our #GPS #tracking_device #TytanSAT #DS520. #fleet #fleet_management

DS410 update, firmware 1290, programmer 1.71
27 June 2016

#TytanDS410 update is ready to be downloaded, firmware 1290, programmer 1.71. Some new cars and minor bugfixes.

BMW 7 G11 2016->
24 June 2016

#BMW7 #BMW7series2016 G11 measured and verified, can be protected against #key_cloning and #Keyless range extend with #TytanAlarms #TytanDS512

16 May 2016

On 20th May 2016 we celebrate 25 years on the vehicle security systems market!!

Mazda MX5
05 May 2016

#MazdaMX5 and #MazdaMX5RF can be protected against #key_cloning and #Keyless range extend with #TytanAlarms such as #TytanDS512.


Renault Talisman
21 March 2016

New Renault Talisman measured and verified. Update for Tytan alarms ready!

Lexus RX
21 March 2016

Beautiful Lexus RX measured and verified. All Tytan alarms ready to be fitted!!

Toyota RAV4 (XA40)
21 March 2016

Toyota RAV4 (XA40) confirmed, firmware and installation schematic for Tytan DS512 and Tytan DS410 available soon.

Fiat Aegea and Dodge Neon
21 March 2016

New Fiat Tipo is also called Fiat Aegea and Dodge Neon. You can install any Tytan CAN-bus alarm in them.

Fiat Tipo
05 May 2016

New Fiat Tipo 2016 measured and working, check for updates soon.