Digital Systems is a leader on the car alarm systems market and a promising manufacturer on the vehicle tracking services market. We constantly improve our R&D activities to go side by side with the newest car electronic solutions invented by worldwide carmakers. Our engineers create and develop innovative ideas to satisfy even the most demanding clients. Our production expands every year according to ISO 9001:2009 which proves that we provide quality certified products meeting customers needs. We are a technology oriented company - from its start designs and manufactures electronic products and security systems. Main areas of interest:

Our brands:

1991 - company founded, first Vehicle Security System (VSS), switched On and Off by a sequence of ignition switch, later with infrared remote,
1993 - radio frequency (RF) constant code remote control in VSS,
1994 - built-in ultrasonic motion detector, programming and configuration by sequence of ignition and remote actions,
1995 - electronic instead mechanical non-reliable relays, advanced immobiliser and anti-hijack functions in VSS,
1998 - system of money protection in an open-space Bank and post office operational rooms,
1999 - first analogue VSS controled by OEM-remote,
2000 - system of ATM-like devices oriented for depositing money packs in banking industry and IKEA Poland shops,
2001 - family of dedicated OEM-remote controlled analogue VSS for Peugeot, Citroen and Volkswagen cars,
2002 - configureable analogue OEM-remote controlled VSS for a wide number of cars,
2003 - CAN-bus based, digital OEM-remote controlled VSS,
2004 - system to organise, protect, monitor and deposit money transfers between main unit and Bank offices
2005 - configuration of VSS central units via a dedicated PC-USB programmer,
2006 - vehicle control by VSS via CAN-bus in some cars (hazard lights, window roll-up etc.),
2007 - products compatible with the non-standard digital Renault bus, LIN-bus and BMW K-bus,
2008 - CAN-bus signals translator DS450, firmware upgrade via PC-USB and internet,
2009 - new family of DS410 CAN-bus VSS products, designed for export and: Honda Poland, Mitsubishi Poland, Mazda Poland, Subaru Poland, 2009 - immobiliser / anti-highjack device  with a identification token operating in ISM 2.4GHz radio frequency,
2011 - telemetry parameters read from dedicated CAN-bus, new products: DS453 CAN-bus PDC controller, DS454 CAN-bus cornering lights controller, DS500 and DS510 CAN-bus/GSM/GPS telemetry devices,
2012 - DS protocol - unified communication protocol for TytanSAT telemetry devices to operate with online telemetric and tracking systems,
2013 - TytanGPS DS511 and DS512 GPS/GSM/CAN-bus security systems,
2014 - Android and iOS app for DS511 and DS512, New telemetry devices DS530 CAN-bus/GSM/GPS and DS531 GSM/GPS,
2015 - DS459 speed control module,
2016 - Tytan®SAT tracking devices DS520 and DS540 (CAN-bus).